About Buy Zimbabwe

Buy Zimbabwe is an opportunities, linkages and market access organisation that leads in the promotion and facilitation of the preference of quality and competitive Zimbabwean products and services through stakeholder engagement, research and development, capacity building and enhanced communication.,formed in 2011, Buy Zimbabwe is indeed a young, vibrant, dynamic and relevant organization poised for phenomenal growth in the years ahead. Buy Zimbabwe continues to grow and be a robust, agile and vibrant organization relevant to the development and ascendancy to a nation with pride, wealth and jobs and increasing economic prosperity. The Buy Zimbabwe strategic sweet spot is where industry (shareholders, employees and employers), consumers and government interests meet intersect and interact. Buy Zimbabwe has earned its reputation among government, industry and consumers. It has cumulatively has over 100 partnership companies and more than 600 companies participate at its various events.

Our Vision

To be a Zimbabwe with pride, wealth and jobs


Create and sustain a system for the promotion and facilitation of opportunities for accelerated economic development through stakeholder engagement, research and development, capacity building and enhanced communication


Buy Zimbabwe has been involved, since its inception in 2011, in a variety of activities broadly focusing on:

  • Stakeholder engagement to highlight and illuminate Buy Zimbabwe activities to government, industry and consumers.
  • Membership services to serve members in value adding activities,
  • Local content facilitation
  • Insignia award to rated companies and,
  • Events and Publicity issues.

Buy Zimbabwe membership has fluctuated over the years and this has limited its potential to fully deliver a package of membership services. There is an opportunity for Buy Zimbabwe to articulate the increasing value of membership during the plan period. Cumulatively, some 100 members have joined Buy Zimbabwe since 2011 Buy Zimbabwe has organised many annual events to highlight important national issues relevant to its mandate. Buy Zimbabwe has articulate the value proposition forits events in order to attract a wide array of relevant stakeholders to actively participate in the events.

Check Our records

YEAR 2014 2015 2016 2017
Bakers Conference 80 90 - -
Procurement Conference 85 -
Buy Local Summit 94 93 88 102
Retailers and Suppliers Conference 82 96 102 80
Maize Value Chain 106
Buy Zimbabwe Awards 402 290 270 509
Harare Agriculture Show Buy Zimbabwe Pavilion co-organised with the Zimbabwe Agriculture Society hosts over 20 companies annually